Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Once a runner...

When my mobile rang and a voice said I was due for another eye injection in a few days time my heart sank.  I knew the appointment was due, and I needed it, but I really didn't want to go anywhere near a hospital in the present climate.   Reluctantly I said "OK, but I hope the waiting room isn't as crowded as on past visits"   I was assured that appointments were being well spaced out and there'd be plenty of room for patients to stay well apart.
Empty waiting room and chairs well spaced     (Click to enlarge)
    The driver of the small ambulance was completely partitioned off from anyone in the rear.  I was given a face mask and told to sit at the back.    On arrival at the hospital the waiting room was completely empty, not even a receptionist.  In no time at all my name was called and I was led to an ante room for dilating drops before entering the theatre. 
Don't be frightened, I wont harm you..
A cheerful nurse wanted to know if it was still cold outside.  
"Not as cold as it was at 5 o'clock this morning" I replied.   
I think she knew exactly what I meant, that I'm a crazy runner!
A doctor I only know as Ross administered the injection quickly and efficiently and in less than an hour I was back home again, half blind and wearing a mask under my dark glasses.
The sun was up at 5.50
Next day was a rest day, waiting for my eyes to re-focus so that I didn't go stumbling all over the place.   It was followed by a clear night with Venus beaming through my bedroom window, assuring me next morning would be beautiful.  She was right...
I got up, had a strong coffee and set out to greet the sun. 
Gorse at its best and an empty road
Jen, the girl I usually meet, was on her way down.  She's only a walker but according to her Fitbit had covered 7.8 miles a couple of days before.  I told her in just over a week, when I reach the tender age of 88, I might become a walker too.
A view to savour before going home
I continued through flowering gorse to the top of the hill for another great angle on the sunrise.
How can I ever stop running?


  1. Glad to hear all went well at the doctors. Too bad it couldn't be like that all the time. :)
    Beautiful photos.

  2. I agree with happyone that all went well at the doctors for you Old Runningfox and also that the photos are stunning . With the mask on you are really scaring Gordon . I am glad that you are up and running once again . Well done . Antonio .

  3. My 95 year old mother had a similar experience with her Lucentis injection at Optegra in Manchester, though I had to wait outside in the car, rather than enjoy the usual coffee and biscuits!

    It was a 200 mile round trip collecting her and taking her back home - the only time I've been out in over a month.

    Strange times.

    Take care

  4. You continue to be an inspiration with your love of running and the outdoors. Glad to hear your last visit to the hospital went well.
    Keep on running

  5. So pleased all went well with your eye appointment.

    Glorious outdoor photographs, they lift the spirit.

    All the best Jan

  6. Once a runner always a runner! Glad that all went well.